Doubled Monthly Revenue in 60 Days


Baltic Essentials is an online retailer of therapeutic jewelry for pain management. She operates a physical store in her hometown but does the majority of her sales through her e-commerce website.

Baltic’s founder came to us looking for help scaling. They had a strong online following and were able to generate positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with retargeting, but had been unable to level up spend on a consistent basis. After working with other agencies without success, they enlisted our help to break through their scaling barriers.


Most success previously have come from two avenues - retargeting existing customers or prospects already aware of the brand, and offering steep discounts that ate away profit margin to get sales. Seeking to preserve margins, the EmberTribe team built out a hierarchy of campaigns designed to introduce new users to the brand, kill objections with social proof, and finally close the deal with discounts only if absolutely necessary.



With the funnel fully constructed, our team explored dozens of audiences and tested hundreds of ads to find the top performers and most profitable niches. With sophisticated automation we leveraged data to make decisions about budget increases or decreases, so that every dollar was accounted for.

Additionally, we aimed to expand the reach of Baltic Essentials to keep from being pigeonholed as a brand only for families with teething babies. All-new creative was developed to target adult pain sufferers who were intrigued by holistic solutions for pain management. This unlocked an entirely new audience group for scaling spend profitably.




Our efforts paid off almost instantly, with monthly revenues increasing 108% in the first 60 days. ROAS rose 66% as our team reduce Cost per Sale (CPA) by 32% and increased Average Order Value (AOV) by 12%.

During our first few months, paid social ads drove over $280,000 in revenue on more than 7,000 unique purchases. And those numbers continue to grow as Embertribe is still working on campaign efforts for Baltic Essentials.

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