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Building a Legacy for a Budding Brand

Establishing Consistent Facebook Sales

Our client is an eCommerce brand selling niche wellness beverages. While they had been able to sell on Amazon and through brick-and-mortar stores, this company was having trouble building up consistent D2C sales. 

In our engagement with this client, we sought to build up Facebook sales. Up to this point, our client hadn't been able to get consistent sales on Facebook due to several factors, including:

  • Finding the right offer to entice new customers to try Switchel
  • Trying to explain clearly what Switchel is
  • Advertising to the right audiences


Testing Strategies to Communicate UVP

We were constantly brainstorming new offers, new styles of ad creative, and new copy to better explain and sell Up Mountain Switchel.

The product our client sells is at a higher end price point. This meant it was hard to find a discount that would actually push a customer over the edge, without eating all of Up Mountain’s profits. Additionally, shipping is also pretty expensive (they’re glass bottles), so while we could maybe convince customers on the price, it was hard to complete purchases when you added $15 shipping costs.

We tested multiple discounts: percentages off, adding free Up Mountain gear, offering free shipping, and bundling (offering a free 4-pack when you purchase a 12-pack). We also focused on making ads that readily communicated Up Mountain’s unique value, the health benefits of Switchel, and ultimately what Switchel was and why a person would want it.

Leading With Facebook Lookalike Audiences

While Switchel is a unique product, there are many products like it that are very successful. We knew that if we could approach audiences with the correct offers and advertising, it would inform them and empower them to try Switchel. This also meant cleaning up the website, testing many audiences, and effectively communicating what Switchel was.

We believed that audiences who were into homeopathy, natural products, and organic grocery stores would love Up Mountain.

We focused more on lookalike audiences, and getting a really amazing offer out to those audiences, in order to get purchases to roll in. Once our lookalike audiences were running smoothly, we slowly added back in research-based audiences.

Improved Sales and $0.81 Average CPC

In just 4 months, we were able to get 103 sales for Switchel with an average CPC of just $0.81. On top of that, we have achieved an average CTR of 1.81%.