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Record ROAS for High-End Outerwear Client

Working Around a Limited Inventory

Feller Clothing's high-end sustainable outerwear has many loyal fans. Because of the nature of their business, they run with a limited inventory of highly exclusive items.

The problem was that their limited inventory often meant that products were out of stock by the time a prospect reached their site. This resulted in lost sales, hurting their return on ad spend (ROAS).

Highlighting Client Strengths

We needed to reduce friction that was bringing down their conversion rate. Additionally, we wanted to focus on Feller's strengths. As a brand with sustainable ideals, high-quality clothing, and a strong connection to outdoor activities, they are perfectly positioned for lifestyle marketing

Lifestyle brands are those whose appeal goes beyond the products they sell. Instead, they draw in customers by matching the aspirations, values, and aesthetics that their target audience identifies with. The products embody an ideal image of how the clients envision themselves. People are extremely loyal to their favorite lifestyle brands and return to them again and again.

Dynamic Ads for a Dynamic Client

We introduced dynamic product ads through Facebook Ads Manager for both top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel prospects. With dynamic creative, the ads were always up to date, meaning that potential customers wouldn't fall in love with a jacket only to see that it's out of stock. Instead, the current ads always reflected the inventory that they'd find when they visited the site.

Feller lifestyle ad results

We also added lifestyle videos that showed people in action enjoying products from Feller Clothing. In one video, a model dances in one of Feller's jackets, showing off its features. In another, a model plays with a scarf around their neck. We found that these video ads performed much better than static images with products and reviews.

Feller lifestyle ad breakdown

Explosive Results at ToFu and MoFu

Lifestyle video ads returned 2.42x ROAS in March 2021. We plan to continue positioning their products in these relatable, aspirational formats.

Switching to dynamic ads had even more dramatic results. Prospects at the top of the funnel who were seeing products for the first time produced results of 3.56x ROAS.

Bottom-of-funnel customers were those who had viewed content in the past or added items to their cart without buying. When they were shown our new dynamic ads, they showed a strong inclination to buy. In March, our results were 10x ROAS on bottom-of-funnel ads.

Feller FB ads screenshot