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Reaching 4x ROAS with New Audiences

A Unique Solution for a Unique Brand

Our client, Moderne Monocle is a company that sells a very unique, stylish alternative to reading glasses: monocles on necklaces. This company was having some success before engaging with EmberTribe, but ran into difficulty when it was time to scale. 

The client came to us in December of 2020 for help optimizing their advertising strategies and achieving a better ROAS. Together we set the goal to begin scaling spend once we hit 2.5-3x ROAS. 

Testing Audiences to Find the Ideal Buyer

We began our engagement by testing ad formats, as well as long and short form copy. We also tested out audiences to home in on our target buyer.

Based on our research and initial assumptions, we hypothesized that these audiences could bring in ToFu traffic:

  • Women and men who wear glasses
  • Interest based audiences around women-centric brands

Crushing ROAS 1

Using Interest Audiences to Get Results

At first, we aimed advertising at women who need eyeglasses. This, however, did not yield optimal results. We began to test ads aimed at people with specific interests instead, making sure that they were within our targeted demographic profile.

We also attempted ads targeted to men who need glasses, but as with women, we found that this did not yield the ROAS we were hoping for. In response, we stopped advertising to men, and focused exclusively on women's interest audiences.

Currently, we are continuing with advertising aimed at women in specific interest groups and demographics. However, we plan to expand ads to reach men's interest audiences, rather than men who need glasses. We expect that, as with women, this will yield the desired results.

4x ROAS and Gaining Client Trust

We saw immediate improvements in ROAS once we optimized the campaign to the demographics and interest areas that were the most receptive to Moderne Monocle's products. However, we did not stop there.

We noticed that with the new targeting, our ToFu ads were working in bringing in cold audiences. When Moderne Monocle was featured on Kelly Ripa's show, we used this event to create a video ad using the same sort of short form ad copy we had used in the other effective ads. In a two-week span, the new ad resulted in almost $4,000 in revenue, and >4x ROAS.

Crushing ROAS 2

As a result of our successes, we have established strong client trust. During the time prior to finding the winning recipe for this client, they had faced some doubts, not uncommon for brands ready to scale their business to the next level. However, we worked with them to outline the process and establish the right expectations. Then, when we hit the goals that were set after these consultations, they realized that they could rely on us as the experts.