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Cruising To #1 In Search

Boosting Organic Traffic Streams

ThumperFab is an eCommerce brand that specializes in aftermarket UTV parts. They came to us in May of 2020 to increase their organic traffic in a profitable way.

While we often recommend that brands build a growth system around paid traffic (what we call a rent-to-own approach to driving traffic), incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) into a growth strategy can help build more robust streams of evergreen traffic. 

Driving Up Search Engine Ranks

Our approach to building ThumperFab’s SEO strategy first focused on a small set of products. This allowed us to concentrate our efforts on just a few pages and drive them up in the search engine rankings. The ultimate goal was to achieve a higher search engine ranking for our client, which would help bring in traffic from sources like Google and Bing. 

Our process looked like this:

  • We began with a focus on pages showcasing "collections" of products which highlighted various options for specific subsets of items. Our efforts included writing new content for those pages, both to appeal to prospective buyers and to increase their ranking in search. 
  • New content was written using the  TF-IDF (term frequency-inverse document frequency) system, which is an SEO-focused text analysis technique designed to increase organic search traffic.
  • Finally, we built backlinks to these pages from high "domain authority" sites in order to push them up the ranks.

Reaching the SEO Holy Grail

The strategy of using a few key pages to introduce searchers to a wider range of UTV parts turned out to be an excellent use of SEO for eCommerce. We were quickly able to reach #1 on google organic search results for one keyword (and that’s seriously the holy grail of SEO)!


However, as so often happens in marketing, we had to adjust our strategy when the client made website edits that dropped them from their #1 ranking. Even after restoring the pages, we have had to work extra hard to re-earn their rankings. This is because Google prefers pages with unbroken histories. Luckily, we believe in learning from challenges!

Because the client has begun to optimize single product pages, these pages have diverted traffic from our category-level work. We have shifted our strategy to meet the client's current desires, and are focusing on single-product pages as well. As we shift our strategy to meet client needs and keep our high search engine rankings, we are constantly monitoring traffic through Google Analytics.

Long-Term Growth With Low-Cost Maintenance

Within three months of being retained by ThumperFab, we secured the #1 search position for keywords related to "Polaris Ranger Roof Racks." This alone made the client's SEO spend profitable. The best part? This strategy has long-term benefits for growth at a fairly low cost of maintenance.


If you’re ready to learn more about our services or start an SEO campaign of your own, let’s talk. We can discuss your current situation and your goals, and devise a plan to get your business where you want it to be (#1 on Google, right?).