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Overcoming Seasonal Sales Slumps

Creating a Growth Path for Year-round Sales

Our client is luxury swim brand, WET Swimwear. This client came to us because they couldn’t find the right strategy to move their product, regardless of what they had tried to boost purchases. 

When we began our engagement with WET Swimwear, we came across a few challenges that we’d need to overcome to help this client meet their goals.

  1. We were starting from scratch with no pixel data, and we would need to build up audiences and a customer base.
  2. We would need to find a strategy that could secure sustainable sales for their seasonal products. 

We set out to determine a growth path that included year-round sales, even with cool Fall and Winter months coming up.


Targeting Audiences Outside of the US

Because our engagement with this client was pushing up against cooler weather, we knew that we’d have to take a creative approach to ensure they made sales in the coming months. For this reason, we decided to begin experimenting with targeting audiences in foreign countries. 

Our client’s price point is attractive to customers that like designer swimwear, but pricey for those looking for a more affordable option. This meant we needed to appeal to a more exclusive audience, and prepare to manage audiences so that once audiences petered out we had new ones to test and optimize.

Researching and Testing Audiences by Country

Starting out, we knew that this approach would take some significant research and set up before we could truly begin seeing results. Foreign countries have different data laws and brand interests we’d need to navigate, on top of budget constraints that meant very targeted ad spend for experimentation. 

We began systematically researching and testing different countries heading into warmer weather. We researched swimwear brands that were popular specifically in that country, and targeted those as interests.

We have been able to find swim brands in their countries at a similar price point and target both of these groups to hopefully find a compelling audience. As we slowly rotate the countries we’re testing on, we’ve been able to determine which audiences will give us the best results. 

5.25x Average ROAS and 24% Average Order Value Lift

So far, we have been able to achieve 5.25x ROAS for WET Swimwear. They have a purchase conversion value of $1,186 and a CPA of $81 with an average order value at $183. 

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WET Results