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$40K Increase in Revenue and Growing

Standing Out In a Crowded Niche

Sassy Little Sunflower is a casual children’s clothing brand for girls ages newborn to 7 years old. They have been running a highly successful store based in Texas prior to launching their online eCommerce store this year. In the past, they relied on boosting posts on Facebook, but they knew there were opportunities for scaling revenue with paid Facebook ads.

Children’s clothing can be a crowded space with competition among established retailers, boutiques, and used clothing stores. Additionally, children’s clothing is outgrown so fast that many consumers may be more critical about what they buy.


Success Through Retargeting

We started with broad audiences of young parents and lookalikes. Once Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was large enough to scale, we were able to run a broadly targeted dynamic carousel, with a significantly lower cost per purchase. 

We saw our strongest success in retargeting, using discounts and new outfits whenever possible. On the website, we used the Wheelio app in Shopify to successfully retain additional customers.

Our team also frequently tested new images, video and copy to keep these trendy clothes looking fresh and interesting. Single images outperformed every other creative we tested except for carousels.


Increasing Average Order Value

Sassy 3

Sassy Little Sunflower has an affordable price point so we focused on increasing higher average order value through using carousels to show multiple pieces as well as photos of complete outfits and flatlays.

Social proof built up quickly with an abundance of comments and shares as we boosted post engagement and ran existing ads across all audiences.

5x ROAS and 266% Revenue Increase

Over the crucial back to school season, we were able to build a winning combination of great prices and products with the right audiences and high-performing carousels to maintain a 4-5x ROAS, allowing us plenty of room to scale.

Without historical data for their online store, we weren’t sure how different seasons would affect sales so it was important to scale boldly and quickly act on this opportunity.

During our second month, revenue increased to $55,000 from $15,000 and this continues to grow as EmberTribe is still working with Sassy Little Sunflower, and expanding our approach to include Google Ads.