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Traction and Scale - Foundations

Introduction to Facebook Advertising for Your Business

The traction and scale ads training is intended for first-time forays into Facebook Advertising for your business. We are walking you through what you need to know and setup to start testing, as well as some benchmarks to determine if you’re moving in the right direction.

Facebook isn’t a perfect fit for every business, but don’t take someone else’s word for it, give it a go yourself. We’ll provide some strategies and ideas to kickstart your efforts. Goal here is to prove CPA / ROAS and verify that this is a viable profit center for your business.  

Welcome to our training, Traction and Scale. EmberTribe has spent millions of dollars on Facebook as a channel and we've put together some of the best content, the best strategies, the best tactics that we've come across. Whether you're an e-commerce business, whether you're a lead generation B2B business, this training is going to focus on two things.

1. Finding Traction with your audience.

We desire for these lessons to help you get those first sales or first leads and learn how to do that in an organized way.

2. Scale.

We want there to be tons and tons of value that comes back from your campaigns, not just spending five dollars a day on an ad set. What does it look like to spend a thousand dollars a day, ten thousand dollars a day, and to do that profitably?

Our lessons mix both of those approaches together. Getting traction and getting scale and we're doing it from our experience. We're doing it from the things that you're not going to necessarily find on a Facebook blueprint course or out on the web that you can easily Google. We don't want to spend time kind of re-inventing the wheel but rather fill those empty spaces in between where there's still not a lot of documentation or there's not a lot of training. We initially created this just for our team to bring on new team members, but then saw the value that this could have out in the community. We know you'll get a ton of value out of this content and this training.

We recommend going through it slowly. Don't just absorb information. When you complete a lesson, go act, go put it into action. Launch that ad set. Launch that new campaign. Build that funnel. Do the stuff. Do the work and then you're going to see the results.

We're really glad to have you here in the community and we wish you all the best and tons of success with your Facebook campaigns.

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Josh Sturgeon, Co-Founder

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